I opened Mill Barn in June of 2012, an accidental project really, I was still at uni finishing my dissertation when I was offered the barn as a premises. It seemed an exciting opportunity so I went with it and well the rest is history.

I have grown up following my dad around auctions and working in his shop. I was one when Dad first started old and modern furniture so it was quite fun growing up in a junk shop, lots of wardrobes to play hide and seek in and boxes of treasure to sort, so I got the bug from an early age. When I started the barn I was fresh out of uni, so I had little money and was a bit lost in where to start.  I wanted to aim to source and supply affordable old and modern furniture, sticking to what I knew rather than jumping in out of my depth. I love finding a dusty old piece of furniture in a garage or barn cleaning it up and putting it in a new setting bringing it back to life.

I love what I do, and I love sharing my finds with my customers, the best thing about having the barn is you never really know what you’ll find from day to day, a real mix of people come and go at the barn from excited first time buyers looking for something quirky to put their stamp on, to retired just browsing, the barn contents can be nostalgic for some and I love to hear their stories of where a similar piece of furniture stood in their childhood home and the memories that that evokes.

I love Victorian Pine and Old Trunks, because you can see the knocks and 'dinks' from years of use, I just love the charm of it. With vintage trunks I love to trace their labels, see where they have been on their travels. Occasionally the trunks will have contents of letters and pictures which is just lovely to find.

Thinking to the future,  I have a bit of catching up to do to follow in my dads footsteps as he's been going for over 26 years, so I’d hope I’d get there to. 'The Junk Bug' as I call it will always be with me, so no matter where I end up, that bug will always stay with me, so undoubtedly I will be weeling and dealing into my retirement.

Reggie, is my shop assistant, he’s a little demanding and a real people person, he loves to people watch and is chief armchair tester for comfort.

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